Guide to safe and cost-effective integrity management.

Next Advanced Solutions provides a proactive asset integrity management (AIM) system to support asset-intensive industry in achieving optimal life cycle cost, quality and profitability.

COMPASS is an all-inclusive AIM system that ensures complete asset integrity visibility to deliver precise predictions for proactive and targeted action. It incorporates data management and advanced analysis tools to enable users to make informed and cost-effective decisions, whilst ensuring safety and productivity.

To ensure technical and operational integrity, COMPASS interlinks streamlined management systems, comprehensive prediction tools, as well as innovative optimisation solutions.

  • Corrosion / Mitigation optimisation
  • Inspection / Monitoring optimisation
  • Maintenance / Repair optimisation

All integrity data is captured, analysed and stored in one location – increasing continuity, reducing man-hours and costs, as well as measuring and tracking integrity performance throughout the life cycle of the facility.

Different users have different needs when accessing data, information and options. COMPASS enables the users to access dashboards and data specific to their needs – key information at a glance, with the option to further explore.

COMPASS supports risk-based inspection (RBI) programmes and provides output data for RBI updates and optimisation.

For quick evaluation of anomalies and defects, COMPASS includes fitness-for-service assessment options in the anomaly management module. Our inspectors and technicians can perform level 1 and 2 assessments on site and, if required, obtain the correct inspection data for higher level assessments.

Holistic and proactive

  • Proactive methods and systems that increase safety and profitability.
  • An all-encompassing asset-centric approach that reduces integrity costs.
  • Early identification of integrity issues allowing for easy mitigation.

Customisable and dynamic

  • A customisable system that covers the client’s specific requirements.
  • A dynamic framework that evolves with changing requirements and technology.

Effective and efficient

  • Integrating experience and analysis to increase integrity effectiveness.
  • Tracking operational and integrity performance for increased efficiency.

Advanced and simplistic

  • Advanced in terms of background processes and analyses.
  • Simplistic in terms of input and output for the users.

Innovative and cost-effective

  • Bridging the gap between strategic, tactical and functional management.
  • Reducing asset life cycle cost through innovative optimisation solutions.

Key Features Include

  • Advanced analysis and prediction tools
  • Data management
  • Advanced inspection management
  • Advanced corrosion (mitigation) management
  • Anomaly management (incl. fitness-for-service)
  • Maintenance management
  • Quality management

Key equipment include

  • Piping
  • Pressure vessels
  • Safety/relief valves
  • Tanks
  • Structures
  • Lifting equipment